About Us

Experiencing Tipus Teveei “Tipoos Teevee” leads all types of vertical adventures from Himalayan mountaineering expeditions to rock climbing and canyoneering trips in Israel and abroad.

All our guides hold the highest level of guiding certification available in Israel (ICC Rock Guide- the only local certification that is internationally (UIAA) accredited), and are among the most experienced and active guides in the country.

When you book your trip with Tipoos Teevee you can be certain that your highly certified guide will endeavor to provide you a safe, fun and memorable experience. Based on years of experience outside, your guide will always consider your desires and abilities, and will choose the optimal venue, route and timeframe.

Among our guides are:

David (Dudu) Yifrah: Founder, Owner and a Senior Guide. Dudu is an avid mountaineer with over 25 years of experience! Dudu was the 2nd Israeli to climb Mt Everest (8850m, July 2006), and has led major mountaineering expeditions to the highest mountain ranges in the world. He is a certified ICC Rock Climbing Guide (UIAA accredited) and a Wilderness Therapist.

Yotam Orchan: Yotam is a senior guide in Tipus Tiveei, and one of the busiest guides in the country. He is a board member and the Head Guide of the ICC Climbing and Canyoneering school. Yotam has guided hundreds of climbers in a variety of courses from beginners to Rock Climbing Guide candidates.

Elad omer: If you are in the business of local climbing, you must have heard of Elad. Senior Guide Elad Omer is the highest certified guide in the country (UIAA/AMGA) and one of the most experienced ones. Sharing his life between Israel and Western US, Elad lives the climbing-guiding life to its fullest. Besides guiding at Tipus Teveei Climbing School and leading hundreds of successful climbing trips all over the globe in nearly two decades, Elad has also climbed and pioneered hard rock and alpine routes in 5 continents (including the establishment of Sultan Al Mujahidin (V,5.14a) in Wadi Rum, Jordan and his recent FA of the 1400m route Ghore Kha Khan (VI, M5+, 6a, AI4) in Parvati Valley in India)

Rock Climbing in Israel:

As local climbers who grew on the crags all over this country, we are honored to welcome you to “our” cliffs! We are well- familiar with all the permitted climbing spots in Israel, and we would be happy to guide you on any of them, be it as north as the town of Kiryat Shmona, or as south as the eternal-summer city of Eilat. Israel is a small country, and almost everywhere you may find yourself- there is a crag nearby.
The climbing in Israel is primarily single-pitch sport on different types of limestone and the access is easy with very little (or no!) approach.

Here are our THREE most recommended climbing areas in the country:

  • Ein Fara (Nahal Prat Nature Reserve):
    This may be the best crag in the country! Located about 15 minutes south of Jerusalem, in a magical setting within the beautiful Ein Prat Nature Reserve’s boundaries. Ein Fara hosts about 120 single-pitch sport routes (up to 35 meter) on excellent limestone, ranging from F5a to F8c+ (YDS 5.7 to .14c).
    The crags are situated on both sides of the creek (flows year-round), and together with the altitude and dryness- allow good climbing conditions almost all year. In the heat of the summer climbers always break in the early pm hours to take a dip in the refreshing natural pools along the canyon.
  • Beit Arye: 40 minute drive from the sleepless town of Tel Aviv, Beit Arye is the crag-of-choice of climbers living in the center of Israel. This NE facing limestone wall is home to over 60 sport routes up to 25m in length, mainly in the F6a to F6c (YDS 5.9 to mid-11) range. Its unique features (cracks and pockets) make it a good place to teach and practice trad-climbing skills as well.
  • Gitta Cliffs: Situated high over the Beit Ha’Emek valley, and right below the small village of Gita, in the eternal green Western Galilee, Matzokei (Cliffs in Hebrew) Gita stretch horizontally for nearly half-a-mile.Here you will find the best variety of climbing styles, from moderate slabs, trough balancy and technical face climbs to some of the hardest and steepest routes in the country.The typical mild Galilee weather makes Gita an excellent venue for the hotter months!

Canyoneering and Caving Trips in Israel

The Golan Area- Northern Israel

The Black Gorge of the Zavitan Stream

A canyoneering trip to Ha’Nekik Ha’Sha-hor (the black gorge) is a MUST DO activity for any adventurer visiting the Golan!

This trip is an excellent choice for a refreshing adventure in the hot summer months!

It’s a classic “wet” canyon (which flows all year round) that involves three rappels (the tallest one is 25m), a challenging hiking and crossing of natural pools by swimming. The approach to the creek and the exit (up back to the Yehudiya Plateau) provide stunning views of the Golan mountains and the Sea of Galilee.

Length: 7-8 Hours

Southern Israel.

The Judean Desert and the Dead Sea Area-

Our trips to the Judean Desert offer a unique experience of hiking in an exceptionally beautiful landscape while experiencing an adventurous technical activity. Trips vary in length, difficulty and exposure.
A visit to the Dead Sea at the end of the trip is highly recommended!

The Northern Dead Sea:

Qumeran Wadi

This is an easy to moderate canyoneering trip, which is a great introduction to this unique sport of Desert Canyoneering in Israel. The easy access via Qumeran Nature Reserve makes it suitable for beginners as well. The trip starts with a 45 minute approach hike (steep in parts) that skirts the canyon bad, then climbs up and around to the upper plateau, and down to the top of the first waterfall. From here the route drops down steeply through five waterfalls (the tallest one is 45 metres) with a short hike between the rappels, and another short hike out, back to the parking lot.
Length of the trip: 7-8 hours (A shorter and very popular version of this trip skips the last two rappels and avoids the long hike out. 3-4 hours)

Hatzatzon Wadi

Situated further south in the Judean Desert, Hatzatzon Wadi is a tougher and longer version of the above Wadi and suits fit and experienced adventurers only.
This outing starts with a long and adventurous approach (2-3 hours hike) to the top of the upper waterfall. A series of four impressive and steep waterfalls (35m,30m, 60m, 120m) are then rappelled down, to where the wadi widens (before it flows into the dead sea) and the technical part ends. This is a long and stout trip. A shorter version may be arranged at an additional cost to include 4WD drop-off. Length of the trip: 8-10 hours

Tor Wadi

This easily accessible Wadi includes a short approach to its top, followed by seven waterfall rappels (the tallest one is 80 meters). Shorter versions of this trip may be arranged by including the upper section (four rappels) or the lower sections (three rappels). Length of the entire trip (all seven rappels): 7-9 hours

Tmarim Wadi

“Tmarim”- Dates in Hebrew. This Wadi is named after the date orchards at its end, right by the Dead Sea.
This is a moderately-hard trip, which starts with a strenuous 1 hour hike to the top of the upper waterfall (80m), followed by four rappels down the steep cliff band. Length: 7-9 hours

The Southern Dead Sea:

Rahaf Stream

Situated a short distance south of Masada , Rahaf Stream offers a long, varied and adventurous canyoneering trip for fit and experienced hikers. The canyon includes 11 rappels up to 40m high (some are very short, but still require a rope!). Some of the rappels lead directly into water holes that may be filled with post-flood water, especially in winter, and can only be crossed by swimming.
Hiking the entire canyon takes the experienced hiker 8-10 hours. Shorter versions of this trip are available (5-6 hours).

Caving Trips in the Dead Sea

This trip is suited for the hot summer months. When the outside temperature may raise above 45C (110F), it is still nice and chilly 80 meters underneath the ground!

Colonel Cave

This unique CAVING TRIP takes us deep into the underground world of the Judean Desert.
Colonel cave is one of the longest salt-caves in the world. We start our day with a short 30-minute hike to the hidden top of the cave. We will than introduce our caving-specific equipment and make a short demonstration of how to use it (everyone can, and no experience is required). Then we will make a breathtaking 80m (260ft) rappel down into the bowel of the earth, and continue hiking and crawling underneath the ground, while exploring and discovering the fascinating underground world of salt-stalactites, unique rock features, bats and other surprises!

Length of the trip: 5-7 Hours

Malham Cave

Malham Cave in Mt. Sdom may be the longest salt cave in the world! The classic trip into Malham Cave involves a rappel, but it is also possible to enter the cave without rappelling.
A visit to Malham Cave provides a rare opportunity to explore the fascinating underground world of the southern dead sea!
Length: 5-7 Hours

Tipus Tevee in Jordan

Our beautiful neighboring country, Jordan, is just a few hours away and offers an incredible variety of adventures and outdoor activities.
Tipus Tivee offers various multi-day trips to Jordan, from 3-day (2 nights) weekends to week-long climbing and adventure trips.

Wadi Rum

Wadi Rum in southern Jordan is, unarguably, one of the most beautiful places on earth!
The small Bedouin village of Rum is located in the center of an endless-desert canyon, that is surrounded by huge sandstone formations.
This area is a big “playground” for many types of activities and adventures, from 4WD tours, short hikes, scrambling trips and technical rock climbing of any grade and length.
A Trip to Wadi Rum is not just “pure adventure”. It is also a rare opportunity to explore and experience the traditional Bedouin culture, by staying in a desert camp and eating traditional Bedouin food.

Jebel Rum

At 1757m (5755ft) above sea level, Jebel Rum is the second highest peak in Jordan.
There is a handful of routes to the top of Jebel Rum of different grades and lengths, but even the easiest ones would involve the occasional use of a rope for safety or rappelling. All these routes are long, complex and require route-finding and solid mountaineering technical skills.
The summit of Jebel Rum provides breathtaking panoramic views of sandstone towers, deep canyons and an endless desert.
Tipus Tevei offers guided trips to the top of jebel Rum via different routes.
Depending on the route, the size, fitness and experience level of the group, these trips can take 1 or 2 full-days.
While NO TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED to join our classic Jebel Rum Summit trip (via the normal way), a good physical fitness and enthusiasm for adventures are must!

Jebel Um-Ishrin

We also offer guided trips to the top of the 3rd-highest summit in Jordan. Just 3 meters (10ft) lower than Jebel Rum, at 1754m, Um Ishrin is a stunning and proud summit by its own right!
The climb to Um Ishrin is shorter than Jebel Rum but steeper in nature, and involves harder sections of (roped) climbing than those on the classic route to Jebel Rum.
We usually climb Um Ishrin with a small, competent group in one long and intensive day.
Guiding ratio up to 1:3. Experience required!

Family trips to Wadi Rum

Taking advantage on the excellent variety of activities and difficulty levels, combined with our years of experience in guiding such trips, Tipus Tevei offers family custom trips to the Wadi Rum area, that will allow you and your family to explore this magical place comfortably and safely.

Please contact us with your family interests and plans- be it a short hike, long/ technical climb, 4WD tour or just a relaxing luxurious desert retreat- and we will be happy to suit you the perfect, one-in-a-lifetime trip!